More About Me

After trading the Metro for SEPTA and the DC area’s cherry blossoms for Bryn Mawr’s cherry blossoms, I’m now a sophomore planning to major in anthropology with a minor in film studies. I love reading (murder mysteries) and writing (poetry), and I’m involved in the Nimbus Literary Arts Magazine. I’m also the head sophomore Traditions Rep for my dorm, Rhoads South! I’ve been known to appear at other club meetings, but my passion for watching nature documentaries and old movies can sometimes get in the way. Some of my personal favorites that I always wish I had more time for are art club, Spokes (the spoken word poetry club), Femco (the feminist group on campus), and the tea club. I also do photography (okay, Instagram) and costume/fashion design in my free time. This year, I’ll be involved with costuming the Queer Musical Theatre group’s production of Heathers the Musical.

I’m planning (hopefully!) to study abroad in France next fall. As for future plans, I’m considering pursuing a PhD in anthropology. I’d like to work on documentaries and encouraging greater dialogue among peoples, though I’d also like to go to Antarctica, so mostly my future plans are made of guesswork. I just hope the future finds me making a difference.

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

Major: Anthropology, film studies

Twitter: @literallymaeve

Instagram: @literallymaeve

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